Tisk Tisk

So my best friend’s boyfriend of a year just broke up with her. My mom was visiting me for the weekend when my friend called to tell me. My best friend is like a sister to me and my mom adores her. Well, now I know how my mom would feel if I wasn’t a virgin (even though it’s not confirmed if she knows about my non existent sex life)…

So I get off the phone with my friend and after talking about it a little with my mom, “Did they have sex?” “Yes mom, they were together for a a year! Of course!” My mom- HUGE GASP! No no no, tisk tisk tisk (literally tisked). “Wow I can’t believe that! I can’t believe she’d do that after just a year! Ugh and that’s horrible, see she gives herself up for a guy and he just dumps her like that.” (little does she know my friend sleeps with most guys on the 3rd date)

I respond “Oh please, most girls sleep with a guy after a few dates.” (Didn’t want to give her a heart attack that my friends have one night stands or sleep with someone on the 1st date)

Once I said that I was WAITING for her to ask me, which I was even more nervous about! I had a response made up, “ha…well I’ve never been on more than 1 date with a guy.” …but she never asked!! She just commented “Ugh, I could NEVER!”

I had no idea my mom was soooo traditional like that!! Just a new little update I wanted to share!


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