I woke up Monday morning and had an unwelcomed urinary tract infection (I’m prone to them). Rolling eyes.

I later went to a walk in medical center so I can get a prescription. It’s standard procedure to pee in a cup so they can test to confirm you have a UTI. I do my business in the bathroom and go back to wait in the room for the results from the doctor.

A male doctor and the male nurse walk in to further check my vitals (standard procedure) and fill out a prescription. Once the doctor is done telling me about the prescription and how I should drink cranberry juice (duh), the nurse randomly says, “Oh and you’re not pregnant.”

Sigh of relief….?

Hah! DUH!!! I didn’t need a test to tell me that! I literally was floored that it was said so nonchalantly! I guess I gave a smirk (I definitely chuckled to myself) or some sort of expression because the nurse quickly added “it’s just a standard part of the test.” I wanted to respond, “Oh no, it’s not that I was expecting for it to be positive, but it’s funny that I was tested- it would be a Virgin Mary situation.”

So…again…25 year old woman living in the city….shouldn’t be shocked when someone assumes I’m sexually active (which I’d rather that than them sniffing out that I’m a virgin like it’s written on my forehead). Just another day.


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