By the way…

So I’m in bed, clothes coming off, about to FINALLY do “it” with a guy….do I tell?

Again, I haven’t gone “far”, AT ALL, with a guy, so this hasn’t even happened yet. Every time I imagine my first time, I get nervous about if I’ll tell him or not.

Pros of telling him:
-He’ll have lower expectations from me
-I won’t feel like I’m keeping a secret

Cons of telling him:
-He’ll judge
-He’ll runaway and/or think I’m expecting to marry him
-Deciding how to say it…

How do I say it? WHEN do I say it?! Do I tell him I’ve never even give a blow job!?

Opening the door to my apartment and we know what’s going down tonight, “Oh hey, by the way, I’m a vrigin…yup, you’re the first one that will be entering the vag….oh you have an early meeting tomorrow?”

Basically naked and he’s searching for a condom, “Please, just take it a little slow, this is kinda sorta my first time…oh you lost the condom I saw 5 seconds ago and we can’t go further?”

Lying in bed after it happened (who knows what the hell i’m thinking at this point!), “Ummm…by the way…that was my first time…oh, now it makes sense and you forgot you had to meet someone 5 minutes ago?”

In my head I usually come up with saying, “It’s been a while,” at some point during the night. Or I imagine I’ll be in an amazing relationship and not have any secrets and he accepts everything about me and isn’t put off by it. I can’t see myself telling the guy I just left the bar with for a one night stand, unless I’m super drunk and just let it all out?

I guess I’ll know what to say, or not say, when it’s that time. (hopefully soon)


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