To lie or not to lie? Well the answer just comes naturally in the moment.

Who doesn’t know I’m a virgin:
-My current coworkers. I’m very close with a few of the girls from my office, and they don’t know (unless they can sniff it out). When they talk about sex, I just join in like I’m “one of them.”
-My previous coworker- who was a 32 year old married man. We had a (very) odd relationship and were very much like brother and sister (will be further discussed in a future post) except my sex life was never off topic. ha- my “sex life” I would even go into detail about the guys I slept with and I told him how much I wanted to bang his best friend. I’ve elaborated the most about my sex life with him.
-Anytime I’m with a group of friends and I don’t know someone and sex talk is involved- I just laugh along and don’t share my status
-Anyone that assumes a 25 year old girl has had sex- which I’m pretty sure makes up 99% of the population.

…so why do I lie? I hate liars! …but this is a harmless lie. My virginity status will not change any of my coworkers or acquaintances worlds. I was never the girl to lie to be “cool” or to have someone think of me differently. It’s partly about how others see me, but I honestly think it’s more about how I see and judge myself. I am my most harsh critic.
I also think it’s easier to lie/not tell the truth in certain situations. If I say I’m a virgin I either receive pity or have questions flown at me like “how did that (not) happen?” Well, I can write a whole blog series on it and still not know, so how much time do you have?

Who knows I’m a virgin:
-A handful of my best best friends (3-5 girls)
-My obgyn (which we already established)
-At my previous job there was another girl that was the same age as me and worked in the same building- we talked a few times. I don’t remember how it came out (this is about 3 years ago), but we both said we were virgins- instant friends. I haven’t talked to her in 2 years, besides the occasional “Hi” on Facebook, but I can’t ask her if she’s still a virgin on her wall!

I’m unsure what my parents think. I assume my mom knows that when (if) it happens, I’ll tell her. But does she honestly not question it? My dad…hmmm…well my dad I really don’t know. I know he expects me to be sexually active (if I’m anything like him, remember, he’s a typical bachelor), but I still feel like I’m looked at like a child…but will I still feel that way about my dad even after I sleep with someone?

The next question does not come so naturally, or maybe it will because it hasn’t gotten to the point of asking myself yet…will I tell the guy I’m about to sleep with that I’m a virgin?


2 thoughts on “Liar…?

  1. Society will often make purity into foolishness, but it’s actually quite beautiful to be holding out. Maybe you can even make it to marriage. I assume you, like me, hear the stories of coworkers and question why it is people actually think not waiting is still a good thing.

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