Embarrassing Moments- Part 1

I plan to have a part 2, 3 and 4 of embarrassing moments throughout this blog as I know my life is full of them.

Hmm…what makes the first list?

How about when I was about 17 or 18 driving in my dad’s car and he starts to ask me about my dating life. Well, that life was (is) non existent. Then comes, “You know we’d love you no matter what.” “Yes, Dad, ok.” “No, I mean if you’re into guys, girls, whatever, it’s ok.” “Dad- I’m not a lesbian.”
(Can I also note that I was at a casual engagement party about a month ago and brought my best friend and the guy that my friend is marrying welcomed us and said “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of single men…or women, if you’re interested.” NO!)
If you are reading this and am wondering if I’m a lesbian- I’m not. That’s that. I have gay friends and would be proud of my sexuality if that was the case. If you can’t tell by know, I’m a very honest and real person.

Oh, how about going to the OBGYN? No, I’m not scared of the Pap smear (which I was told I don’t have to get it every year if I don’t want to- while I’m still virginal) or other common fears- I’m scared of being judged. Which doesn’t happen, they see/hear everything- but maybe it’s my subconscious? Have you been sexually active? Nope. When I was asked this around age 20 of going, the doctor (that I no longer go to) responded “You know we have doctor patient confidentiality if you’re worried about your mom finding out.” “I understand, still- no sexual activity.” The last few times I’ve went to my doctor in the city, there is never a response and I never feel judged, but the thought of saying it out loud to someone I don’t really know embarrasses me *blushing*


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