Always Blame it on the Parents

My parents divorced when I was 3. My mom was remarried when I was 8 and divorced him when I was 21. My dad was in a long term relationship from the time I was 5 till I was 18. They are now both single. My dad is a typical bachelor jumping from woman to woman. My mom rarely dates and is fine being single (so she says). I’m the only child. They live about 2 hours from me.

I think this is the part when a therapist would tell me that their relationship status’ have affected me. DUH. I’m not rushing to get married at all! I actually have a list of things I need to do with a potential husband before walking down the aisle-
1- date for a year or 2 (and really date- like meet families and all)
2- move in together for at least a year
3- go on a vacation together (how will he react when my luggage is lost and I smell or am throwing up from drinking the local water? will he want to lay on the beach or go to a museum?)
4- go through some major event/emergency with them (will we communicate well? will we be there for each other and put each-other first?)
5- make sure he gets the exact ring I want ; )

But, they are not the reason I’m a virgin (the therapist just said “you know- YOU are the only reason”). With a national divorce rate of over 50%, “everyone” would be a virgin! Also, who said anything about marrying the first person I have sex with?!?

This is just a brief intro into part of my background. I think my parents relationships are a much bigger part of me then just how I feel about rushing into marriage, but I can’t figure it out yet!

There’s much more to come regarding other life events!


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