It’ll Happen When…

It’ll happen when you graduate high school. It’ll happen when you go to college. It’ll happen when you study abroad. It’ll happen when you graduate college. It’ll happen the year after you graduate college.

Well I’m 2 and a half years out of college- when did you say it will happen?

That’s all I’ve heard from friends when I was growing up and talking about it. Now the response is “Don’t worry about it, it’ll happen when you meet someone, don’t think about your age.” (easier said then done)

When does it happen? Tina Fey was 24 when she lost her virginity. According to a recent study most people lose their virginity by 17. Keep in mind that most teens these days that participate in the study have different definitions of virginity, so who knows what the real average age is. But lets say it’s 15. That means when I meet someone that’s 10 years younger than me, that still needs their mom to drive them to school, they’ve had more life experience (in that department) than me. That they’ll have 10 more years of sex than me! This scares me.

When will it happen? I don’t know. You may say it’ll happen when I’m “ready.” Well I’m READY!

(…although the technicalities of it happening do scare me, but that’s another topic.)

The next entry I plan to post will be about part of my “background”. I don’t think I can question why I’m still a virgin without exploring the life events that made me who I am today.


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