What Do You Mean by Virgin?

I mean virgin!

Before we go any further, lets clear the air on what I mean when I call myself a virgin.

Never had intercourse. No hand or blow jobs. …the most I’ve done is kiss…a stranger…at a bar. I know, this is the part when my true level of patheticism comes out.

No- I have not see a penis in person.

When I was in college many of my friends had sex toys. I refused because I wanted the first thing that went inside of me to be the real deal. Well when my best friend lost her virginity at age 22 and it was a bloody mess…I ran to get myself a toy.

I’m actually not happy with my purchase (I keep wanting to get a new one, but it hasn’t happened), but that hasn’t kept me from masturbating. Yes, I masturbate, who doesn’t? You can’t tell me you’re shocked by this. Oh, and I’ll watch some porn from time to time. Hi, I’m a 21st century 25 year old NYC woman. 25 year old virgin- I’m horny! (did you just laugh with me? not AT me, WITH me )

Writing this, I completely forgot about my phone sex story. Yes, I have had phone sex- that’ll DEFINITELY be another entry.


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