This is me.

Hi, let me introduce myself! I’m a 25 year old girl that has a full time job and lives alone in Manhattan…oh and I’ve never had sex. More than that, I’ve really never done ANYTHING.

No, I’m not that religious or saving myself for my husband. Yes, I’m overweight, but not morbidly obese. (Also, I see obese girls walking down the sidewalk holding hands with a guy, so why not me? Oh, they have lower standards?) Yes, I admit I have a “list,” but usually when I form a crush (crushes will be later discussed), that list usually gets put aside. So why?

That’s what I’ll be exploring in this blog. I’d like to use this blog to say out loud (anonymously) the reasons why I think I’m still a virgin and maybe that’ll help me change my attitude about it and/or habits that put me in this “situation.” I also wanted to write this blog in case there is anyone else out there like me. It feels like I’m the only one and I know it’s nice to relate to somebody. Also, please note I’m not an English major and am not trying publish a novel here (although it would be great if Glamour or Cosmo contacted me ; ) ), so please ignore the poor grammar.

 Some topics I plan to discuss will help you learn more about me: having divorced parents, being a dreamer, having long term crushes, being (too) independent….

I’ll also share thoughts and stories- like being a 25 year old virgin going to the OBGYN, being the only one in a group of close girlfriends that can’t give sex advice, being the only one in a group of not so close friends lying about your sex life (please tell me I’m not the only one), how I feel about sex toys, etc.

I have some entries ready to post, so please check back frequently and share!







3 thoughts on “This is me.

  1. Hi, I’ve read your post, nd although I’m only 17 to 18 but still virgin, I understand (I think), I hope you post a lot in the future becuse I’m very interested in your story. By the way look at the pluses of being virgin: you are clean and healthy (that’s at least what I tell myself). I might seem like a brat trying to give advice to an older woman who alredy know wht I’m talking bout, so I’m going to stop typing right… now!

  2. Would it be presumptuous to think that you were inspired to start this blog after submitting your virginity story to The Virginity Project? I hope so! Thank you for sharing.

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